Graffiti na gradele(GNG) festival

Grilled Graffiti 27 - 29.7. Bol

After last night opening in Kino Mediteran in Bol, Graffiti na gradele are in full swing next three days in Bol!

Best boutique festival in Croatia(Clubbing scene) and among ten "must see" street festivals in the world according to Momondo internet travel agency, International GNG festival will gather the best street artists in the region for the sixth time in Bol with Edo Maajka, Krešo Bengalka, High Five, Kuku$i i Buntai, Niki Peducci, Nina Davis i Kuna.

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Aug 16, Bol port, 20h

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Aug 15, Dominican Monastery, 21:30

Concert Kemal Gekic Summer School

Aug 14, Dominican Monastery, 20h