New promo clip Bol & Tennis

Announcing WTA Bol Ladies Open in 2016.

New promo clip Bol & Tennis

New promo clip made in collaboration with Cro Circuit team, promoting ?Bol? as tennis destination and announcing WTA Bol Ladies Open in 2016.

We are now in the last Bluesun CRO Circuit tournament of the spring part. ITF Pro Circuit Futures will continue in September with new series of tournaments. Tennis lovers see You in Bol soon!

You can watch our new promo clip Bol & Tennis directly on our Facebook page here, or through our YouTube channel here.

Calendario degli eventi
05.08.2021. / Giovedì
09.10.2021. / Sabato
10.10.2021. / Domenica
11.10.2021. / Lunedì
12.10.2021. / Martedì
13.10.2021. / Mercoledì
14.10.2021. / Giovedì
15.10.2021. / Venerdì
16.10.2021. / Sabato