Today Bol has become a favorite destination for windsurfers from various parts of Europe and the world. The sea channel between the islands of Brac and Hvar and the wind that blows there provide ideal conditions for windsurfing.
For all windsurfers and those looking to become ones, four windsurf centers are available in Bol.
Thanks to them, Bol has a reputation of a well-known windsurfing destination.


Event Calendar
25.09.2019. / Wednesday
Farewell Summer In the centre, 20:00
04.10.2019. / Friday
05.10.2019. / Saturday
06.10.2019. / Sunday
12.10.2019. / Saturday
BolSoul 5 Bluesun hotels
13.10.2019. / Sunday
19.10.2019. / Saturday
BolSoul 5 Bluesun hotels
27.10.2019. / Sunday