Graffiti na Gradele 2019


Graffiti na Gradele 2019
"For the eighth time, Croatia’s beautiful town of Bol will host Graffiti Na Gradele, an international graffiti festival that will bring all sorts of creatives together for yet another splendid summer. For three days in July, the island of Brač will see graffiti writers, DJs, skaters, musicians, young artists and urban culture lovers in an amazing atmosphere, once again accompanied by a rich program for them to enjoy. More info about the program and line-up soon!"
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Event Calendar
05.08.2021. / Thursday
09.10.2021. / Saturday
10.10.2021. / Sunday
11.10.2021. / Monday
12.10.2021. / Tuesday
13.10.2021. / Wednesday
14.10.2021. / Thursday
15.10.2021. / Friday
16.10.2021. / Saturday