Virtual Bol - virtualne šetnje

Get to know Bol even before your arrival.

Virtual Bol
Join us in virtual tours of Bol. From Zlatni rat beach to the Dominican Monastery; from the vineyards in Murvica and the wine cellar to Dragon’s Cave. Virtual walks are an ideal way of getting to know the offer and the beauty of Bol even before your arrival for the summer vacation. We have divided them into five groups:
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Event Calendar
23.09.2022. / Friday
08.10.2022. / Saturday
09.10.2022. / Sunday
10.10.2022. / Monday
11.10.2022. / Tuesday
12.10.2022. / Wednesday
13.10.2022. / Thursday
14.10.2022. / Friday
15.10.2022. / Saturday