The most beautiful beaches in Europe

The most beautiful beaches in Europe
Conde Nest Traveller writes about the best beaches in Europe, and amnog them is Zlatni rat;
A pilgrimage to Zlatni Rat makes it onto almost every Croatian island-hopping itinerary. This is the country’s poster child of beaches – and an extraordinary showcase of mother nature’s beauty to boot. Located on Brač island’s sunny south coast, the tongue-shaped peninsula stretches all the way from the harbour village of Bol to about 1,640ft into the Adriatic Sea, its tip subtly changing shape according to the current or the wind. The best views are from above: climb up nearby Vidova Gora mountain or strap into a harness and parasail along the smooth, pebbly shore (this is a hotspot for windsurfers). It’s a great spot for families too, with shallow waters to splash about in and a pretty pine grove in the centre providing respite from the heat.
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